I don’t mean the agility course building method…

If you are beginning or have a workout regimen or fitness program, how do you know you are making any progress? Your baseline will be your starting point that you can measure against. This can also help with figuring out some performance related goals and assessing your training around them. Examples of baselines and something you could track for being fitter, faster, and/or a better handler are:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • 200/400/1600 meter/yard run time
  • Maximum weight you can squat/deadlift/bench press/other lifts
  • Maximum plank time
  • Time and/or sessions spent agility training weekly

Some performance goals may be contrary to others (for example, endurance training and strength training improvements will be difficult to achieve together), so it is important to decide what your priority is and try to make sure your eating and working out are aligned with making improvements in that area. You may want to measure against your baseline monthly or bimonthly. If you are making progress you know what you are doing is working; if not, you  step back and try to figure out what might be setting you back.

The first part of this year I am working on some strength and activity goals. For strength, I am doing some heavy weightlifting and for activity, I’m trying to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. I’m also starting some interval training to try to improve speed.

How about you, are you working on any health and fitness goals in the early 2014?